Summer School

A Rome-Paris Summer Program on Europe
Europe in the XXI Century

Why on Europe?

Why does the European Union exist? Why have a group of states decided to gather together in a supranational entity? Will the European Union continue to exist, despite nationalist claims currently spreading throughout the continent? These and other issues will be addressed in the Summer Program on Europe. Today, the future and the very existence of a united Europe seem to be at stake. Yet, the European Union phenomenon continues to be of paramount importance as an example of integration among states.


Why Rome and Paris?

Both cities constitute the very heart of the European integration. The rivalry and competition between France and Germany are among the reasons that provoked two violent and dramatic global wars. Together, France and Germany decided to cooperate with the aim of pursuing a long-lasting peace.
At the same time, Italy is one of the founding members of the European Union and Rome is the city where the first formal step towards the European integration was made.



Why LUISS and Paris-Dauphine?

Both universities are located in the centre of the respective host cities. Their campuses present a modern study environment with class rooms, libraries, e-resources, sports facilities and cafeteria.
LUISS and Paris-Dauphine share the mission of educating future generations of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and scholars through an innovative educational approach and thanks to their privileged relationship with the business world.


Why choose this program?

BECAUSE it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience
BECAUSE it will give you a comprehensive understanding of the EU functioning
BECAUSE you will take a journey in the very heart of European institutions
BECAUSE in a short-time period you sill gx`erience different European lifestyles
BECAUSE it will give you the chance to discover the cities from a cultural, historic, artistic point of view

Rome - LUISS

LUISS Guido Carli is a multidisciplinary University offering degrees at all academic levels. The focus is on business studies, economics, politics and law. The campus is located in the centre of Rome and presents a modern study environment for 7,000 students. The new premises, located inside a large semi-park area on Viale Romania, are a modern university complex equipped with the latest in advanced technology.


Paris - Dauphine

Paris-Dauphine, a public management university created in 1968, is specialised in the Organisation and Decision-making Sciences.
Its mission is to be of service to society and to the globalisation of higher education by creating and disseminating knowledge in applied organisation sciences and by educating responsible managers and researchers open to diversity and to the world.