Summer School

Agenda 2017 (may be subject to change)

Monday June 19

ROME Morning: Welcome meeting + European domestic and international history
Afternoon: The stabilization of the European Economy in the 20th Century
Tuesday June 20 ROME Morning : History of European integration
Afternoon: European institutions + Elective cultural activity
Wednesday June 21 ROME Morning: European economic institutions
Afternoon: Convergences and divergences in Europe + Elective cultural activity
Thursday June 22 ROME Morning: European institutions
Afternoon: European politics
Friday June 23 ROME Morning: Exam
Afternoon: Free time + Dinner
Saturday June 24 ROME FREE TIME
Sunday June 25 ROME FREE TIME
Monday June 26 BRUSSELS Morning: Rome to Brussels (by plane)
Afternoon: Free time in Brussels
Tuesday June 27 BRUSSELS Activities at the European Commission + dinner
Wednesday June 28 BRUSSELS Activities at the European Economic and Social Committee
Thurday June 29 BRUSSELS Activities at the European Parliament
Friday June 30 PARIS Morning: Brussels to Paris (by train)
Afternoon: Free time in Paris
Saturday July 1 PARIS FREE TIME
Monday July 3 PARIS Morning: Welcome meeting + On being European
Afternoon: On being European
Tuesday July 4 PARIS Morning: Building a single European market
Afternoon: Visit to Versailles palace
Wednesday July 5 PARIS Morning: Energy and climate strategies in Europe
Afternoon: Cultural activity
Thursday July 6 PARIS Morning: The EU and its borders
Afternoon: The EU and its borders
Friday July 7 PARIS Morning: Exam
Afternoon / Evening: Free time + Dinner cruise on the river Seine